Delta Extrax Grimm’s Greens Collection Disposable | 2-Gram

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Delta Extrax Grimm’s Greens Collection Disposable | 2-Gram Well known vape influencers, Grimm Green and Ohm ..

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Delta Extrax Grimm’s Greens Collection Disposable | 2-Gram

Well known vape influencers, Grimm Green and Ohm Boy OC jumped in on a collaboration with us to create some distinct Hemp-derived THC vapes. There are 3 unique flavors to try and they all contain a blend of Delta 8 THC, THC-O, and THCP. These out of this world flavors include Galactic, Lemon Hypernova, and Space Rocks.

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This strain is actually Double Bubble OG under the name Galactic. We came up with this name because of the strong Indica properties that this strain uses. It’s a mind numbing, out of this world experience that has a sweet pink bubble gum flavor and aroma. It comes in a 2 gram disposable device so once you’re finished vaping it, you simply throw it away or open up a new one. However, there are other strains in this collection that you may also want to experience including a Sativa strain, and a Hybrid.


Our Lemon Hypernova is a citrus flavored disposable vape device, which features the Lemon Jack strain. You can expect a melody of lemon, sweet citrus flavors with an unrivaled taste. In addition, the Sativa used in this strain provides a more uplifting experience that gives you that extra push into hyperspace. One great benefit of using a disposable device is that all you need is a USB-C type charger. There is no need to set up the temperatures, or fill it up with distillate. This is because the disposable devices in this collection come ready to vape and preset at the right temperature.


Another product that we want to focus on is our Space Rocks which is the Green Dream strain. This perfectly balanced Hybrid features the best of both Indica and Sativa properties. You can expect mellow vibes with subtle flavors of sour and citrus. What’s great about having this strain in a 2 gram disposable is that the flavor lasts longer. What this means is while other disposables might offer only 1 gram of THC – we’ve doubled up and added 2 grams instead.


Delta 10 distillate, THC-O distillate, THCP distillate, and Terpenes.

**This Product Contains Less Than 0.3% Δ9 THC Content**


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