BB Tank Flip Key Fob Battery VV

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BBTank Key Box Oil Cartridge Vape Battery - Variable Voltage The BBTank Key Box is an innovative stealth batte..

BBTank Key Box Oil Cartridge Vape Battery - Variable Voltage

The BBTank Key Box is an innovative stealth battery that was designed with the appearance of a luxury car's key fob, perfect for those who are in the market for a discreet device for use during travel. This cutting-edge device comes equipped with a 510 threaded connection that can be flipped closed to house your 510 threaded attachments within the device itself. Once you are ready to begin heating your aromatherapy oils, simply press the button found on the front of the device and the 510 connector will flip open with your attachment just as an actual key fob. After your heating attachment is opened and ready for use, press the power button on the side of the device 5 times within 2 seconds to power on the device. From here you can then hold the power button to begin heating your oils, after about 15 seconds of continuous use the BBTank Key Box will automatically cut off it's power to prevent over-heating. A LED light indicator found beneath the power button will shine a solid red color when the device is firing properly. This LED will also rapidly flash when the device is locked/unlocked or when the voltage falls too low, indicating it is time to recharge. When that time comes use the built-in USB charging cable to achieve a full recharge in just around 4 hours. After connecting to the USB charging cable the LED will shine red to show charging begun and after a few hours it will switch to green to indicate a full charge.  The Key Box Battery from BBTank also features an innovative key ring for easy travel, it will support most attachments rated as low as 1.2 ohm and it comes equipped with a long-lasting embedded 350mAh li-ion battery that will provide a constant 3.7V of power.

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